The Insane Real-Life Story of Crazy Eddie

SEGMENT 1 with Gary Weiss, starting at 0:00: Crazy Eddie was one of the most brazen, longest-running frauds in history. For twenty years, the criminal mastermind Eddie Antar fooled everyone he came into contact with, from Wall Street ‘masters of the universe’ to the government, the media, and the people who came into his stores. How’d he do it and what happened to him?

SEGMENT 2 with Grant McCracken, starting at 19:30: A hundred years ago, when we went from an agrarian society to an

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SEGMENT 3 with Howard Makler, starting at 36:00: What if I told you there was a payroll tax refund out there for every small business that has employees that could net you $10,000s or $100,000s? You want to hear more, right?

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