#655 How Hammitt is Raising Capital Through Regulation A+ Crowdfunding

SEGMENT 1 with Mary J. Nestor: Communication with team members has always been a tough part of any small business owner’s job. Working remotely has made it even tougher. What will happen when we head back to the office? Mary Nestor is here to help us communicate authentically at work.

SEGMENT 2 with Tony Drockton: Under the Obama Administration, the SEC began allowing small businesses to crowdfund investments or go public directly to consumers and investors by using the legal process called

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SEGMENT 3 with Ken Rusk: With the new infrastructure bill before Congress, what effect will this have on blue collar jobs and opportunities in the US? What do we need to do to fill the shortage of blue collar workers? Here to give us his insight is blue-collar construction business entrepreneur, Ken Rusk.

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