#516 Why One Family-Owned Company Turned Down a $2.5B Offer from a Large Company

Segment 1: Phuong Uyen Tran, the author of Competing with Giants, is deputy CEO of the THP Beverage Group, a leading beverage company in Vietnam that was founded by her father. She also leads THP’s international marketing programs across 16 countries where THP’s products are distributed including Canada and China.

Segment 2: Garrett Sutton is a corporate attorney, asset protection expert and bestselling author who has sold more than 900,000 books to guide entrepreneurs and investors. For more

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Segment 3: Annalisa Parent helps entrepreneurs finish, publish, and sell their expert books. She is the CEO of Laurel Elite Books, a two time teacher of the year nominee, and a recipient of the French Congressional Medal of Honor. 

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