#449 Dr. Annie McKee Shares Happiness Traps to Avoid to Find Happiness at Work

Segment 1: Dr. Annie McKee advises leaders around the globe, and is a Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania where she teaches and is the Director of the PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program. She is a regular contributor to HBR.org and is recently the author of Management: A Focus on Leaders (Pearson/Prentice Hall 2014).

Segment 2: Cortney McDermott is an award-winning writer, speaker, and strategist to Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurial leaders, and think tanks around the world.

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Segment 3: Russ A. Brinson, business and employment attorney, and mediator with Sodoma Law in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides mediation, litigation and advocacy services to a wide variety of individuals and businesses. 

Segment 4: Seth Price is a highly-sought after marketing and Branding expert. Seth’s new book is called “The Road to Recognition: The A to Z Guide to Personal Branding for Accelerating your Professional Success in the Age of Digital Media”.

Segment 5: Joseph Cohen, Founder and CEO of Universe, a new mobile app for building websites right from your iPhone.

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