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Segment 1:Dr. Pamela Dennis has helped some of the world’s top leaders successfully lead their organizations—like Jeff Immelt, at GE and Eric Schmidt at Google. She speaks to international and national organizations on leadership and change, with the emphasis on leading transitions. 

Segment 2: Hamid Shojaee is addicted to the high of making products that people love to use. Along the way, he’s made a couple of companies including Axosoft and Pure Chat and has helped Arizona’s tech scene

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Segment 3: David Arison is part of the senior executive team of an established multi-generational family. David’s position centers on representing his family’s shared legacy and values, which stem from the vision of Doing Good. 

Segment 4: Steve Cohen is Vice President and General Counsel at James H. Cohen and Sons, Inc. They are a dealer in rare coins, currency and antique arms and armor, operating on Royal Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter since 1898. 

Segment 5: Dr. Carla Hightower is a physician and the founder of Living Health Works, a health coaching service. Dr. Hightower teaches individuals to use plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. She writes a blog on the subject of “food as medicine” at livinghealthworks.com 

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