Strategic Foresight for Small Business Owners

How to develop and use Strategic Foresight to help you prepare for the future of your small business, with futurist Rebecca Ryan.

Rebecca Ryan - Futurist & Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, how can I possibly predict the future and anticipate and prepare for the impact on my small business? Rebecca Ryan explains how, without a magical crystal ball, she helps her clients see what’s coming.

Rebecca Ryan is a noted top 50 professional futurist, economist, best-selling author and entrepreneur. As the founder of NEXT Generation Consulting, she empowers organizations to create bold and ambitious futures. Rebecca is a graduate of Drake University with a certificate in Strategic Foresight from University of Houston and she is on the Executive Committee of the global Association of Professional Futurists.

Rebecca lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Strategic Foresight for Small Business Owners: 


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