Access to Communication with Elizabeth Bonker

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A headshot of Elizabeth Bonker, a white woman with long dark brown hair wearing a blue shirt smiling.

About Elizabeth Bonker

Elizabeth Bonker is the Executive Director of Communication 4 ALL, a nonprofit with the mission to gain communication for the estimated 31 million non-speakers with autism worldwide. Elizabeth learned to type on a letterboard at age six and later, on a keyboard. Soon after, she began writing poems that were published in I Am in Here. In 2022, Elizabeth wrote the lyrics for an I Am in Here album with the music by The Bleeding Hearts. Her decade of advocacy work has included a PBS feature, a TEDMED Talk at the Kennedy Center, and bipartisan support for her mission on Capitol Hill. In May 2022, Elizabeth graduated as a Valedictorian from the Honors Program at Rollins College. Her Commencement Address went viral with more than 4 billion media impressions creating visibility and momentum for her mission. Elizabeth is a member of Autism Society of America’s Council of Autistic Advisors and frequently a speaker at conferences interested in neurodiversity.

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