586: Dr. Roger Leslie – How to step into the light of being your LGTBQ+ Self

There’s something absolutely beautiful about stepping into the light of our truth and coming out of the closet. That light is you being you at your soul level. Dr Roger Leslie joins us on the podcast today to shed light on how you can step into the light of you and be your most authentic LGBTQ+ self.

About Dr. Roger Leslie

Dr. Roger Leslie is an author, editor, publisher, and inspirational teacher. He discovered his life’s mission from the light he discovered after emerging from the youthful struggle to reconcile his sexual orientation with his spirituality. Once he discovered his soul, he has lived from it to inspire people to live the life they dream and empower them to find their unique spiritual destiny.

Dr. Roger’s new book is  Light Come Out Of The Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul.

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