Saving Small Businesses by being ‘Just Fearless’

It didn’t take long for Kisha Mays, Founder and CEO of Just Fearless and HERstory Connections, to know what she had to do when SCOTUS stripped away 50 years of women’s reproductive rights on June 24th. “People are just talking about how major corporations are providing funding to support employees in banned states who need abortions,” Kisha says. “But what’s going to happen to small businesses that will not be able to financially support their female employees who must travel outside their states for abortions?”

Millions of small businesses are the driving force of the American economy, yet they are already struggling due to inflation, supply chain issues, and worker shortages. Worse, women-owned businesses are additionally challenged by lack of funding, since only 2.1% received venture funding in 2021.

Fortunately, Just Fearless is offering them hope by providing a one million dollar grant for female founded small businesses to support their employees in need of reproductive healthcare. This grant, which emanates from its $100 Million HERstory Made Angel Fund, has been created during these extraordinary times and challenges for women owned businesses, such as Roe v Wade being overturned, supply chain issues, inflation, etc

“The HERstory Made Angel Fund’s mission is to support the growth and scale of women-owned businesses around the world, which includes supporting female founders in states that have banned or limited reproductive healthcare access,” Mays continues. “We are honored to be able to make an impact that will add approximately $1 trillion to the global economy by December 31, 2025, and help female founders to thrive worldwide.”

Click here for Grant Application.

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