Make $20K+ with YouTube without Showing Your Face with Tony Lysan

Tony Lysan runs multiple YouTube channels that make him passive income on a monthly basis but the crazy thing is that he does not show his face or create any of the videos. Now he has embarked on a journey to help others to do the same.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. The thing about YouTube is that, sometimes you may post a video and it may not do anything for the first three months. And then it just pops off and hits 22 million views because of changing the thumbnail. Constantly tweak the thumbnails until you see results.

2. Hiring a strong team is your strong asset in this game. It’s important that they’re not just good people but they also keep up with the quality that they produce. In business, your employees will never care about the business more than you do.

3. No matter how hard you’re trying, or how much time and effort you put into something, you should never give up if you know that what you’re doing has a proof of concept.

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