Carlos King: Manifesting Passion Through Reality TV – Money Moves Powered By Greenwood

In this insightful conclusion to our conversation with Carlos King, the reality TV maestro, we delve deeper into his journey of creating and managing his own production company, Kingdom Reign Entertainment. He offers a compelling glimpse into the shows he has brought to life under this label and how the successes of his previous projects paved the way for him to venture into this new chapter. With an unwavering focus on his passion, he shares how he manifested his vision and balanced the art of entertainment with the demands of business. Additionally, Carlos opens up about the intriguing dynamics of crafting reality TV shows, how he strategically pitched them, and even the ones that presented challenges to sell. As the episode draws to a close, he paints a vivid picture of his future aspirations in the realm of reality television, leaving us with a wealth of insights and inspiration.

Host IG:@itstanyatime

Guest IG: @thecarlosking_

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